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We’re committed to the promise of a fully welcoming, democratic, thriving Jewish state — now and always.

We’re working with Israelis to help all citizens become self-sufficient members of a more welcoming society. Our support provides social services for Israel’s most vulnerable, including Holocaust survivors and impoverished children.

We’re also investing in programs that promote economic, religious, and social inclusion. How’re we doing it? Academic opportunities. Cutting-edge collaborations. Microgrants for people with big ideas and few options. Encouraging companies to hire Arab-Israelis and other minorities. In a bold investment, we’re also building an arts campus in Jerusalem to ensure a vibrant future for Israel’s capital, one that’s rich with diversity. And we continue advocating for religious acceptance of all Jews. Because our destiny is tied to Israel’s.

The Facts:

  • 47% of Israeli Jews feel the religious-secular divide is the biggest problem facing Israeli society.
  • 55% of Haredi men and 25% of Haredi women are unemployed.
  • More than 1 in 5 Israelis lives in poverty.
  • 1.7 million Arabs in Israel are Israeli citizens.

Our Impact:

  • 256,300 disenfranchised Israelis have received employment services since 2006.
  • 1,000 Ethiopian-Israeli children got essential aid last year through programs that support them from birth until they graduate high school.
  • Our groundbreaking Co.Lab initiative is bringing together Israeli change-makers who represent the diversity of Israeli society — Haredi, Arab, LGBTQ, Ethiopian, and more — to collaborate on a shared vision for Israel’s future. Learn more.
  • Our social impact funds are investing in Israeli businesses that have a social purpose as part of their core mission, helping to employ or in some way support: youth at risk, the elderly, the chronically unemployed, and adults with disabilities. Read about one tasty example.
  • 28,000 Jews from six continents will start new lives in Israel this year.

With many thanks to our generous donors and network of nonprofits for making all this possible.

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